Every element of nature emits a unique vibration
or energy field. When you are in nature and truly
focusing your attention of a flower, (how the light
plays on the petals, the gentle swaying in a breeze,
the interaction of a tiny, hovering bee coating
his little bee legs in pollen) you're able to connect
with the vibration of that flower, that bee
and that moment in time.
This is an excellent, natural way to enhance,
stimulate or soothe your own energy!

Fashion Expo White Party at Mansion
South Beach, Miami, FL Nov. 5

A visual transference of Nature's Energy
"The design for each bag is intentionally created to share the
energy that I experience when I am tuning in to a particular
plant or flower. I begin by photgraphing a plant that
is obviously sharing positive energy. Next, I choose one of the
photos that visually emits the strongest sense of that energy
and use it as the basis for my design.
I then go into the flow of the creative process, and
using a range of digital painting tools and
a sequence of custom techniques, I work the image
until I achieve a visual presentation that most
effectively transfers the vibrational energy of that plant
flower, creature or environment."

"When you carry one of my Nature's Energy Design bags
and consciously tune in to the vibration of the plant that is
at the core of the design, you can virtually
'feel' the positive, magical energy of nature."

-Debra Cortese, artist/designer

Fashion Expo White Party at Mansion
South Beach, Miami, FL Nov. 5

Debra welcomes inquiries for custom works and any collaborative projects that promote positive and joyful vibrations in the world.
She is is particularly fond of projects that benefit the environment, animals and children.
For samples and information on CUSTOM ART for your business or organization, see Debra's CUSTOM ART page.