select mini image to view details on each painting
original acrylic paintings on 5" x 5" textured clayboard


The Transitions artworks, as you first see them here,
are four, visually simple, abstract acrylic paintings
on 5 inch squares of textured clayboard.

The simplicity ends there.

These small, original paintings
share the multi-dimentional energies of
the creative process:
the states of being of the artist;
the magnetic fields of energy that were emitted
and absorbed during the painting process;
and the relative energy of whatever ‘feeling’
you, as the viewer, are experiencing
when you observe this art.

For a more detailed story on the creative
process, read my blog post titled:
Transitions~new paintings. Art therapy!

I hope you enjoy my latest freestyle paintings
as much as I enjoyed creating them!


unframed. shipping and insurance fees included in USA

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