Vervain Devas

Devas, elementals, angels, fairies, gnomes, plant and nature spirits - almost every culture throughout history shares stories and beliefs of the existence of life forms that are non-human in terms of the physical presence we are accustomed to ’seeing’.The energy of all living things can be perceived through any of our human senses and is usually more pronounced through a particular sense depending upon an individual’s sensitivity. If you are visually oriented, it is more likely for you to see a nature spirit, and if your sense of smell is more acute, you may recognize the presence of a deva by an unusual aroma.
Others may hear sounds that vibrate at higher
or lower frequencies than most humans
are accustomed to hearing.

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this mixed media painting for


Vervain Devas is an original mixed media painting
on canvas. It is a combination of photography,
digital airbrush painting, archival inks, and acrylic paint.

Vervain Devas share the powerful vibrations of
nature's joyful, healing energy.