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In 1980, Debra was working as a graphic designer for Fairbanks Scales in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. That same year she was laid off right after her first daughter was born and so she started freelancing.This led to the development of a graphic design agency which focused heavily on print media. That business grew to a full service advertising agency by the mid 80’s with the addition of media planning and placement, creating and producing radio and tv commercials, product and onsite photography, employees and consultants, and a roster of clients that included: three banks, a regional hospital, the VT Dept of Agriculture, international design/packaging for Tender Corporation, the NorthEast Kingdom's largest Ford dealership, a travel agency, a prominent drug and alcohol treatment center, domestic and international industrial manufacturing businesses, numerous restaurants, B&B’s, hotels, and small businesses. In 1998, Cortese sold this business when she moved from Vermont back to NY after a major life change and began to reinvent herself as a nature photographer/artist.

Since relocating to Miami in 2003, she has continued to create art based on nature elements which has evolved into a visual sharing of the 'feelings' or vibrations of nature's energy. Her work as a graphic/web designer and social media marketing consultant has also been revived and renewed with her passion for helping other artists and entrepreneurs market and share their work. In 2007, after a slump in art sales, Debra turned to the fashion accessories world and began creating the Cortese line of handbags which feature her nature's energy designs as well as custom nature designs for boutiques and organizations that desire an exclusive product to sell to their clients and supporters.

She has created and maintains websites, blogs, and online shops; researches, evaluates and implements seo, web and social marketing techniques, software, apps and strategies. She enjoys following trends and news across many topics and networks extensively with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogging, email, newsletters, attending meetups, community involvement and volunteering.

In 2009, Debra facilitated the highly successful 8 week 'Art Marketing Salon' based on the book, "I'd rather be in the Studio." by Art Business Coach, Alyson B, Stanfield. Over 23 artists and art afficionados participated in the Art Salons which culminated with an outstanding Summer Salon Art Exhibition and Fashion Show on June 6, 2009 at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery in Coconut Grove, FL.

The Art Marketing Salon wrapped up with Debra making a promise to develop an Art Licensing Program after more than half of the artists expressed interest in learning more about creating and licensing their art. It took her well over a year, but she has finally announced the dates and locations for the first Art Licensing Workshop for Artists. Full details online at:

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