Trend-setting Bags for Nature Lovers
Cortese Design bags are more than fashionable, they can energize you! Designer, Debra Cortese says, "When you carry one of my Nature's Energy Design bags, and consciously tune in to the vibration of the plant that is at the core of the design, you can virtually 'feel' the positive, magical energy of nature." She explains that every element of nature emits a unique vibration or energy field. When you are in nature and truly focusing your attention of a flower, (how the light plays on the petals, the gentle swaying in a breeze, the interaction of a tiny, hovering bee coating his little bee legs in pollen) you're able to connect with the vibration of that flower, that bee, and that moment in time. This is an excellent, natural way to enhance, stimulate or soothe your own energy.

The Design Process
Cortese Designs are a visual transference of Nature's Energy. Debra tells us "The design for each bag is intentionally created to share the energy that I experience when I am tuning in to a particular plant or flower. I begin by photgraphing a plant that is emitting positive vibrations. (Poison Ivy would not be a plant I'd choose for sharing any energy!) Next, I choose one of the photos that visually shares the strongest sense of that energy and use it as the basis for my design. I then go into the flow of the creative process, and using a range of digital painting tools and a sequence of custom techniques, I work the image until I achieve a visual presentation that most effectively transfers the vibrational energy of that plant, flower, creature or environment."

Cortese Design Bags are available online at:, and at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida where they sell an exclusive, custom designed line of Cortese bags.

Custom Designs for Businesses, Organizations, Fundraisers
Debra's focus is on growing the Cortese line with additional fashion and home decor products and through licensing her designs with businesses and organizations that share a vision to increase awareness of our magical environment. She enjoys creating custom designs and collaborating on projects that promote positive, joyful vibrations in the world, and is particularly fond of projects that benefit the environment, animals and children.

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Debra Cortese designer bio/statement:

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I'm a nature lover-gardener-artist and my art has always been about sharing the magic that I see and feel in our environment. I've worked in advertising and graphic design most of my life and in 2006, when several friends suggested that my nature's energy and reflection images would be ideal on fabrics and accessories, I started my line of Cortese Design Bags. By the fall of 2007 I introduced my first 6 nature designs on Tote, Petite Tote and Dopp style bags. I've now added Backpacks, and Laptop/Business bags and have over 30 new designs that feature the vibrant colors and patterns of tropical leaves, flowers, coral reef wildlife, Nantucket biking, Florida beach sunsets and even fireworks over the Miami bay called, 'Hot Miami Nights"! My 'Red Hawks and Birch Tree Totem' design was created in direct response to a suggestion that it would be nice to offer a laptop bag that men would feel comfortable carrying. All Cortese Design Bags feature one of my nature artworks reproduced on a satiny finish, microfiber fabric. I did a lot of research and testing to be able to consistently produce quality, detailed images that accurately represent my art.  My audience is quite broad, really anyone who appreciates the energizing vibrations of nature and enjoys sharing that feeling by carrying a fashionable, and useful, work of art. I always enjoy the design process and am especially fond of creating custom designs for boutiques, organizations and fundraising events. For the future, I'm researching processes, costs and materials to add matching scarves to the Cortese Designs line. I'm also always interested in working with reps and collaborating with businesses on projects that will benefit all of our goals.

Cortese Design Bags are available online through my main website:

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