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I’ve always had a deep connection with nature and am continually inspired by her beauty, which is found even in the tiniest creature, or in the way the light and shadows will dramatically change what you can see in a matter of seconds! I’m fortunate to now have a studio that overlooks the Big Eddy of the Delaware River in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Wildlife abounds and the view morphs on a constant basis with the changing of seasons; the wind; cloud movements and… my state of appreciation.


I hope you enjoy my photos, art and designs as much as I enjoy creating them!


Your questions and comments are
always welcome and most appreciated!


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Red Shiso Mandala Design & Patterns

Red Shiso 9 Mandala Design Throw Pillow - Debra Cortese Designs
Red Shiso Mandalas Wall Art by Debra Cortese Designs
REDSHISO 9 mandalas WALLPAPER by Debra Cortese Designs
Credenza in Red Shiso 9 Mandalas design by Debra Cortese

Coleus Leaves with Pantone Quiet Grays

Coleus design with quiet gray accents - Debra Cortese Designs
Coleus Leaves quiet gray duvet cover by Debra Cortese Designs
Coleus Quiet Grays Wall Hanging by Debra Cortese Designs
Coleus Quiet Grays Wallpaper by Debra Cortese Designs

Ultraviolet and Green Marijuana Leaves Design

Ultraviolet Green Marijuana Leaves design by Debra Cortese Designs

Bronx Botanical Garden Ferns Pattern

Bronx Botanical Garden Ferns design by Debra Cortese Designs

Garden Guardian Gnome and Fairy with Flower of Life Design

Garden Guardian Gnome with Fairy Flower of Life design - Debra Cortese Designs
Garden Guardian Gnomes with Flower of Life design by Debra Cortese Designs
Garden Guardian Gnomes with Flower of Life design Cutting Board by Debra Cortese Designs
Garden Guardians Totebag by Debra Cortese Designs

Pine Bark Nature Pattern

Pine Bark Wood Wall Art by Debra Cortese Designs
Pine Bark Throw Pillow by Debra Cortese Designs
Rugged Adventure phone case in Pine Tree Bark by Debra Cortese Designs
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Paphipedlium Orchid Fairy - A plant Spirit Image by Debra Cortese

How is it that a glimpse of a simple flower can instill a feeling of pure joy?

Try blinking at what appears to be a rather normal flower and pay close attention to the light and movement on and around this flower. Take a deep breath and look again. You may catch a glimpse of a playful fairy or even a mischievous garden gnome!

Vervain devas - mixed media painting by Debra Cortese
Vervain Devas - detail of a mixed media canvas by Debra Cortese

COMING SOON – Art, Photography and Design collections

graphic of ART type - Debra Cortese Designs
Spirit Guides painting by Debra Cortese
graphic type - Photography - Debra Cortese Designs
River View - Finally Looks Like Winter! Debra Cortese photo
graphic type - Design - Debra Cortese Designs



Frangipani e series by Debra Cortese

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